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Thanks to all my students past and present. Thank you for the kind words.

"Craig is an excellent tutor. He is very knowledgeable, friendly, calm, patient, and super encouraging. He teaches at a consistent pace leaving nothing out; but also keeps the speed of learning high and enjoyable. You won't have time to get bored in one of Craig's lessons! Craig is adept with technology and keeps a large library of musical resources ready to hand. He has successfully taught both my son and myself at his studio and during the difficult times of 2020 very effectively over Skype. I recommend him highly"

Jawad Qasrawi

"Best teacher I've ever had. I've always loved playing guitar, but with Craig's help I've gone from being able to play other peoples songs relatively competently, to knowing things about making and playing music I would have never know, let alone understood without his brilliant help, and we have only just skimmed the surface of what there could be to learn. Cant show how thankful I am to have him as such a great and helpful teacher. Thanks so much Craig."

Hugh Traynor

"Craig is an amazing guitar teacher and I've come on leaps and bounds since he's been teaching me. He caters the teaching to the students' interests and pushes me with difficult pieces that I really enjoy playing. I'd highly recommend Craig's lessons!"

Theo Hunter

"My son started electric guitar lessons with Craig in January this year and has made fantastic progress - he looks forward to the lessons each week and is growing in confidence. Craig regularly keeps in touch with sending tracks/music over for my son to continue with homework in between lessons. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, Craig has ensured that learning continues from home and is happy for us to get in touch with him anytime should we have any queries. We would highly recommend Craig to anyone!!!"


"My son has been having lessons with Craig for over a year. The lessons are really enjoyable with music that he likes and he seems to make rapid progress with each track. Only when he comes to a new piece do we realise just how much Technical stuff he is actually learning along the way. I’d highly recommend these lessons, Craig is always enthusiastic and helpful - the lessons pass quickly - which is always a good sign."

Lorraine Hill

"Been taking lessons with Craig for a few months and my playing has been improving in leaps and bounds. Very relaxed atmosphere, and Craig always knows what to move on to next and exercises/pieces to help you reach your goals. Highly recommend Craig and looking forward to learning more!"

Christopher Parker

"I had been playing guitar for quite a few years before I had my first lesson (with Craig). He has helped guide me to achieve the goals I set myself. My playing has improved a lot and I have a stronger understanding of theory, even though my lessons are not dominated by theoretical tuition. It was definitely worth taking lessons with him. I would recommend it to anyone looking for lessons, or to anyone stuck in a musical rut and needing a nudge in the right direction."

Keegan Kevern

"My son is autistic and Craig is very calm and patient with him. My son is really enjoying his bass guitar lessons and is coming along very nicely. I would highly recommend using Craig's service, no matter the age. Value for money."

Linzi M.

"Craig is the best! Patient and helpful, Craig makes learning things you never thought possible so easy. He has a great way of breaking things down and simplifying things. I've had a few teachers over the years but Craig tops them all. Don't waste your time and money with anyone else. If you want to progress on guitar go see Craig. You wont regret it! 11/10"

James Shaw

"I learned more in half an hour with Craig than I ever did with Group lessons or You-tubing. An excellent and patient teacher."

Ann Green

"Since I started with Craig I've learnt many new aspects of guitar technique. He has a range of materials to really help develop specific skills and useful suggestions to make sure you're progressing. His easy-going and relaxed sessions make music learning enjoyable. I always look forward to every lesson and come away with new things to work on. Highly recommended!"

Sally Fryer

"If you're looking for a guitar teacher, look no further! I've been with Craig for a few months and I've already seen a massive improvement (so have my family!). He is enthusiastic, patient and lessons are engaging. Best of all though, the lessons are fun and he will encourage you to become a better guitar player than you thought possible."

Andrew Perren

"I have been under Craig's tuition for the bass guitar for a little over a year. This is second time I have tried to learn the instrument and have made much more progress under Craig than I had previously done. I have found him to be patient and encouraging. Lesson are clearly sequenced to take you forward at a pace that suits me. The combination of learning songs and practice pieces has worked. I have also found the emailing of pieces for me to practice 'live' at home has helped immensely. I would highly recommend Craig to anyone aspiring to learning the bass."

John Brennan

"Really enjoy my weekly lessons with Craig! I went in as a complete beginner and we are making progress every week. He teaches me the style of music I am interested in and has given me the confidence to play music with other people. Craig also teaches me music theory but breaks it down into easy to understand exercises. Highly recommend!"

Stevie Woodrup

"Craig is a very good teacher. My ukulele playing has improved significantly in the past year. I find he pushes me a bit further each week with my technique and gives me the confidence to try out new things. He does this in a supportive and encouraging way."

Lawrence Whyte

"My son started classical guitar lessons with Craig less than a year ago, has already passed his first exam and is studying for the next. Lessons are well organised, punctual and my son is really enjoying learning guitar with Craig. I would highly recommend Craig to anyone wishing to learn any style of guitar"

Mandy Whittle

"Craig is extremely patient and nothing is too much trouble. I really look forward to every lesson and take a great deal from them. Highly recommended."

Craig Fisher

"Our son (age14) really enjoys his lessons with Craig. He tailors the lessons to suit the learner, the pace of learning is just right to keep him moving forward without the feeling of too much pressure. Craig is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain and guide. Would definitely recommend Craig for guitar lessons for all ages."

Claire Woodward

"Can totally recommend Craig, was looking to add some structure to my playing & understand the theory side in a much more simplistic way which Craig has done, the practice in between lessons provided is varied & challenging but still at an achievable level so that the progression in playing over a short time is very noticeable & I'm not left frustrated."

Ryan Mills

"Craig is an excellent tutor. I had some bass lessons earlier this year, learned alot in a short time and really enjoyed the whole experience. Will definitely be returning to have more lessons in the near future."

Gareth Armitage

"I recently retired and decided to learn how to play the guitar. I was keen to find a tutor who could help a beginner and Craig has been great. He is very patient, works with me at my own pace, using musical styles I’m interested in. He’s a talented musician who can teach all levels of ability, including novices like me. I feel I’ve learned a lot in the four months since I started and really like his style of teaching. Highly recommended."

Mervyn Jones

"Brilliant! I felt very comfortable and free in Craig's lessons. He's patient and very encouraging to his students. I've learnt so much from his lessons in such a short span of time. Thank you Craig"

Kelvin Simatwo

"As a mature student Craig has been exceptional in his patience with me. His teaching style is very relaxed and highly informative. He has really given me the impetus to really get stuck into learning the bass. I cannot recommend this gentleman highly enough.
Thank you."

Paul McNulty

"I feel very lucky to have found such an amazing and passionate guitar teacher. Craig is patient and has always a positive attitude and a smiling face. He encourages me a lot and makes me feel more confident of myself. Also he asks what you want to learn at the very start and provides tailored lessons that are really fun and informative. I really enjoy having lessons with him! 
Highly recommend!!"

Rita Ren

"Craig really is a superb teacher. I can't recommend him enough. In the time I have been learning he has brought me on so much. The lessons tend to be a nice easy relaxed vibe that really help me progress in my playing."

Alan Hewitt

"Great teacher. Teaches two of my children. He is patient and creative and works well with young children and older ones. Meeting each of their varying needs so they learn and progess and reach their potential."

Louise Condie

"I have been having lessons with Craig for several years, since I retired and started to play the ukelele. He has taught me to play in various genres, including blues, classical and modern pop music. He is very encouraging and I spend virtually the whole of every lesson, playing the ukelele and not just talking about it, which is different from other tutors I have had in the past. He is excellent."

Carol Fleming

"Brilliant guitar teacher, extremely patient ,keeps encouraging you through out,and a fantastic bloke too"

Russell Wright

"Craig is an excellent teacher, he teaches at your own pace and is a patient teacher, he also sets the lesson depending on your music tastes, would recommend."

Bridget J

I rarely award five stars. In Craig's case I can find no reason not to.

I took lessons from Craig for a number of years. My guitar playing improved tremendously as did my understanding of the instrument which is much more important than I’d previously realised. He has an easy, relaxed style. He is unstinting in his generosity in terms of time, resources and patience. Craig is an excellent guitar teacher.

Whether you are a beginner or already a fairly competent player, whatever genre or style you are interested in (rock, jazz, folk etc.); if you want to strum along to a few songs, play finger-style, rhythm or lead guitar and you want to improve Craig will accommodate and help you.

Craig also has a thorough knowledge of music theory which again, he is able to impart at a level appropriate to your needs and interests.

I have not hesitation in recommending Craig. If seriously want to learn the guitar, improve your playing or your musical knowledge it is money well spent.

Richard Platts

"Craig is an excellent guitar teacher always taking his time explain the best techniques. He is very patient and understanding."


"Really good tutor who covers everything you need to know to advance as a guitar player. Would recommend to anyone who's interested in learning or who wants to perfect their skill."


"I'm a 48 yr old man trying to learn the bass guitar, Graig is very patient and very good at adapting the lessons to suit my music taste he really makes a massive difference to my ability!!!!!!"

Richard Walkey

"My short ( 1 week ) visit to Sheffield was memorable because of two lessons with Craig which blew my mind. Learning became a thing of joy and I left Sheffield encouraged to practise harder and resolved to return soon to gain from Craig's knowledge and relaxed, friendly and expert tuition"

Peter Ho

"My son had guitar lessons with Craig and we would highly recommend his services. He is a kind and thoughtful teacher, adapting his teaching style to whatever music my son was interested in. I’m not sure we could have found a better teacher! Thank you Craig"

Niki B

"Craig is an excellent tutor. Can teach whichever style I'm interested in and has that knack of pushing me just enough to make progress and most importantly Craig is infinitely patient. I recommend Craig's tuition without hesitation ."

John Stannard

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time being taught by Craig. he took me from having almost zero background knowledge of the guitar to passing my grade 5 in under 3 years! i couldn't recommend him highly enough for both beginners or already well skilled players."

Brendan Stancer

"My son had been playing for two years and was starting to lose interest in the guitar. We took him to see Craig and he soon got back his love of music. Craig adapts his lesson to the age and personality of your child. He now plays a mix of modern and older rock songs which he loves and will continue playing guitar for years to come. Thanks Craig."

Katy Simpson

“When my son Lewis, then aged 7, began guitar I didn’t think he’d be able to play anything legible for months. Craig brought him on so quickly. We sped through Smoke on the water and went on to Greenday, Pink and the Beatles in no time. An ace teacher, all I can say Craig is A BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!!”

Karen & Lewis Potter

“Craig is a very friendly teacher and lessons with him have helped me to improve a lot as a player.”


“As a gigging musician Craig has lots of playing experience so I’ve found he can answer any of the thousand questions I’m likely to come up with. Also, because he has the theoretical knowledge to explain and teach, you’ll soon pick things up. He can get you playing what you want to play quickly and thoroughly as possible through enjoyable and varied lessons which range from just learning songs and jamming to being structured and exam focused – whatever suits you best”

Jon Cocker

"I had an 8 year old son who was a frustrated rock star - Thanks to Craig he is well on his way! He has made great progress in the short time Craig has been teaching him. Craigs patience and ability to tailor lessons to individual requirements is priceless - he has managed to not only get Jamie to play Bon Jovi but also what Jamie thought would be "boring scales"!!

Rachel & Jamie Cox

"Had my first lesson with craig just before xmas, bought the introductory offer of four lessons for bass guitar. Really enjoyable lessons, craig is patient, thorough and has shown me plenty in the lessons for me to practice well at home."

Ross McGregor

"Many thanks for your hard work this half term- It's fab to have such an inspirational teacher. Thanks"

Ben Wilson

"Paid for some lessons for my 7yr old son who absolutely loved his time with Craig. I would definitely recommend him to anybody wanting to learn from scratch or anybody wanting to fine tune there style."

Lee Staniland

"Craig is a great teacher. Patient, enthusiastic and with a talent for making learning to play guitar great fun. He manages to tailor the lessons so you remain hooked! Brilliant! If you are in any doubt about whether to get round to booking those lessons....just get in touch with Craig and you will never look back! Enjoy!


“Excellent teacher! Couldn’t play a lot before but after only a few lessons I understood the guitar more and improved on my lead playing and rhythms in a very short time. Great teacher who was well recommended to me and should be recommended for anyone else serious about learning the instrument”

Richard Jackson

“Craig is a cracking session player and guitar tutor”

Andy Sellers

“As a classic 30 something returning to guitar after a long absence from playing Craig was exactly what I was looking for in terms of tuition. Each lesson was fun and informative and always pushed me on wards so I was becoming a better player with each lesson.”

Keir Horton

“Craig is the friendliest, most talented guitar teacher around. He gave me the motivation I needed to become a better guitar player and the grades I got helped me get onto my course at uni!”

Chris Morton

“My daughter had lessons with Craig for several months; she thoroughly enjoyed them and felt comfortable in the learning environment. I would definitely recommend Craig”

Catherine Whitehead

“He said you were a very good teacher and a lot of fun too. Although we never met I also knew you were a good teacher who had motivated James and I thought your choice of music was fab for a child of his age and so relevant. Some of it crossed the divide between our generation too and got him interested in other musicians”

Rachel & James Dore

“Craig is the most patient, kind and knowledgeable teacher. He really helped me improve in technique and performance and boosted my confidence. Thanks!”

Anna Haige

“With Craig's teaching, my 7 year old son went from not knowing how to hold a guitar to passing his first exam with distinction in a few months. Apart from being a talented musician, the combination of Craig's friendly, fun and patient manner, along with teaching some 'cool' music that interests the kids, is a winner “

Megan Newhall

"My 12 Year old grandson has been having guitar lessons with Craig for what must be 4 months now and has come on very well. I play guitar but since he has started lessons he has outstripped me. He is confident in reading music and translating it and enjoys the stuff that Craig gives him. He actually enjoys going, looks forward to it and cant get enough so that he wants to learn more new tunes. Craig seems to have lots to teach him and his approach is certainly hitting the mark and keeping his interest."  

Linda Cawley

"My son's guitar playing has really come on under Craig's tuition, he's learning a number of tunes and I'm really happy with how it's all going"

Paul Mills

"Top Class tutor. Amazing tutor, calm and very skilled"

Angus B

"We really enjoy Craig's guitar lessons and we get to learn some of the best songs. It's really cool playing the guitar with Craig."

Matthew & Adam Oates

"I started with Craig in early January and have had 4 lessons to date. I am a self-taught guitarist so taking lessons was quite daunting after all these years. Craig is very patient, explains and demonstrates the basic techniques very clearly. He provides good tabs to work from as part of your homework and also makes the sessions very enjoyable. It was quite hard to start and i had to practice a lot but i am now feeling the benefits of taking lessons. Very happy to recommend Craig as a teacher and musician."

Godfery Craik

“Craig is a great professional teacher I’ve learnt a lot from him in only a short time and he’s an awesome guy”

Joe Hirst

“I started guitar lessons with Craig as a complete beginner; I had been using DVD and books to try and learn at home but as I am left handed had struggled to make much progress. Straight away I made progress and learnt to play songs I had never managed on my own. The lessons are taught in a way that is both easy to understand and enjoyable learning new songs each week, I would highly recommend Craig to anyone.”

Phil - Hi Gain Music School

“Great teacher in a friendly environment. Knows exactly what areas to target to improve skills.”

Steve - Hi Gain Music School

"My son has lessons with Craig and had for a few years now, he is a wonderful teacher, patience in abundance, knowledge and understanding of what my son loves to play and Craig uses that to get the best out of my son, very highly recommended"

Niki Burley

"I’d been “playing” the guitar for many years without a lot of success. I found Craig through the RGT website and arranged to see him. After just a short time I’m making good progress. He can cover the whole spectrum of guitar music with the theory and techniques to back it up. Craig is supportive, gives great encouragement and imparts his knowledge unstintingly.He’s been flexible and adaptable so whatever whim takes hold of me he’s been more than happy to take that on board.

Craig creates a relaxed and comfortable environment. What’s more it’s great fun.Highly recommended!"

Richard Platts

"Enjoyed my lessons with Craig, I made quick progress and he taught me very useful techniques."

Joseph Collins

"Craig has that great ability of knowing exactly where to pitch the lesson so it’s challenging but fun. I have improved as a guitarist more than I thought I ever would. Thanks"

Andrew Smith

"I have had lessons with Craig for almost 10 years now and he has helped me learn a range of songs, techniques and prepared me well for music exams. He is a very supportive and patient teacher."

Emily Holmes

"EXCELLENT GUITAR TEACHER Craig is an excellent guitar teacher and makes lessons fun and easy to take in. I’ve progressed loads in the last 4/5 months and i look forward to going to each lesson. I’d recommend him to anyone who is serious about furthering themselves on the guitar."

Steven Strickland

"Craig is a great teacher. As a 'mature' student I was concerned about taking up the instrument so late in life but Craig has made it a pleasure to learn. Its often challenging and frustrating but Craig is always supportive and helpful and the problems just seem to evaporate under his tutelage. If you want to learn the guitar give him a go, you won't be disappointed..."

Simon Dore

"Craig plans each lesson specifically for my needs and is very patient and encouraging. So glad to have found him. Highly recommended!"

Lousia Harris

"My bass lessons with Craig are always enjoyable! He's a great teacher, and I have found him to be very supportive, encouraging and patient. I also really appreciate how flexible he is, allowing me to book lessons around my crazy schedule. I 100% recommend!"

Katherine Assersohn

"Started taking lessons with Craig as late starter, I picked up guitar at 35 years old. I've been playing for a few years but I wish I'd started with some real lessons from Craig earlier, my learning has accelerated since I started taking lessons about 6 months ago. Craig's lessons are always a challenge but he picks material that I'm interested in, and we often go off on a tangent about some question I've asked. Knowledgeable and patient teacher, highly recommended. "

Dan Dukeson

"Great teacher, lessons are always fun and informative and tailored to your interests. Would not be at the level I am today without the help and knowledge of Craig. 100% recommended."

Brandon Walker

“Talented musician! Inspirational! Encouraging! Patient! And above all, the greatest and coolest teacher you’ll ever meet. What else can you ask for? Craig gets 10 stars out of 5! **********”

Monica Martinez

“Craig is an experienced and versatile tutor who has taught me and my brother (bass player) for over 4 years, he teaches in a professional yet informal style, he has helped us both pass grade 8 at distinction and trained us with different styles, techniques and sight reading. As well as time in the ‘class room’ Craig also has given us both the opportunity to play alongside him/his band in a gig environment. I would strongly recommend Craig’s teaching service to any individual who wishes to learn guitar or bass.”

James Clarke

“I learnt so much so quickly mainly due to Craig’s relaxed style and his ability to change a lesson to match my needs, mood and questions often on the day.”

Paul Bond

"Great approach, thoroughly enjoy Craig's lessons."

Ben Marshall

"I retired and never thought I could play anything but Craig with his patience has me not only playing but with the confidence to play in public i would recommend him to anyone from beginners to the advanced."

Ralph Buckingham

"Craig is a fantastic teacher! He’s knowledgeable and encouraging and allows you to learn guitar at your own pace. He provides tailored lessons that motivate you to improve technique through fun and engaging pieces."

Carrie Morris

"super enthusiastic, flexible, encouraging and patient. loads of variation in styles he can teach. highly recommended.


"Friendly guy and a very good musician. Will help you with many styles of music from rock, metal, fingerstyle and blues and provides you with tabs and backing tracks to practice at home. 10/10 from me."

Caine Lacey

"Craig taught my usually shy 15 / 16 year old daughter to rock out! He was extraordinarily patient, full of encouragement & fun and it was a joy to sit outside and listen to them play. The lessons were pupil focused choosing music she loves, which made the whole experience a really positive & enjoyable one for Georgina. In her words 'awesome' 'dude' and 'lad' summed you up. High praise indeed from my girl of few words! Why weren't music teachers like that when I was 16 is all I can say."

Celia & Georgina

"I really enjoy my lessons with Craig. I don't like exams, so not interested in taking grades, but wanted to be a good guitarist. Craig just seems to know exactly what I need to keep me interested and motivated. I'm learning all I need to know about reading music, tabs, chords etc whilst playing the songs that I enjoy. Thanks Craig! - Jamie (14yrs)"

Owen Gibson

“The fact that Craig has a great rapour with his pupils is evident at each lesson-and my son really enjoyed his time learning guitar with him. Couple that with the passes at ‘Distinction’ he achieved in each of his exams and I’d be more than happy to recommend Craig as a top-class teacher to any parent looking to ensure their child has a well-structured and enjoyable introduction to music.”

Glyn Madden

“If Craig taught kung fu he would be Bruce Lee. He gave me hands on experience by allowing me to cover for him in his band.”

Shane Firth

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